The New Normal had better be good, because the old normal was actually pretty f#cked up.


We have learned throughout COVID-19 that we can change our old habits to avoid catching the virus, and we are all doing quite well at it... props to all!

 Now, amidst this pandemic, another more harmful virus has come to the forefront... Racism & Injustice. The recent videos of Ahmed Aubrey being gunned down and George Floyd's arrest/murder had better wake everybody up to the injustices that black /coloured people have been facing for far too long!  We need to smash this vileness down once and for all. There is no place among humanity for this type of brutality to exist... we can be silent no more! Be the change. Stand up for those who are having trouble standing on their own and be the voice for those shouting and still are not being heard.


Represent with our New Normal shirt and for God's (and humanity's) sake be kind. Oh yeah and wash your hands and don't touch your face!


This design is hand screen printed onto a super cozy Softstyle fitted tee for your comfort and enjoyment.


Thanks for supporting Wild Mountain Designs, in hopes of coming out of this global pandemic as better human beings.


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